All Supplies Are Provided On Site!

Self-Wash Services

Washing your pup at home can be a chore. Though the convenience of cleaning your canine friend at home is hard to beat, the clean up afterwards is anything but! Rather than make a mess of your home, try one of our self-service dog washing stations! Experience all the amenities of our facility, including large tubs for pups of all sizes and professional grade shampoos and conditioners.

Our brand-new washing stations are set up with easy access to all sides of your dog. We provide high quality shampoos, conditioners, and towels to make for the easiest of washing experiences. We also have drying tables available, complete with high-velocity dryers that help blow that stubborn undercoat out of your dogs. Bring your dogs and let us clean up the mess!

Walk-Ins are welcome! All supplies are provided on site!

Self-Wash Pricing

You are allowed to use the self-wash and dry stations for up to 45 minutes!

All Dog Breeds

20 lbs. and Less – $15.00
21 – 40 lbs.
 – $18.00
41 – 59 lbs.
 – $21.00
60 – 85 lbs.
 – $24.00
86 lbs. and Plus
 – $27.00


Specialty Shampoos (flea, medicated, etc.) – $10.00
DeShedding Conditioner
 – $10.00

Appointments Needed For The Following:
Dremel – $15.00
Anal Gland Expression – $15.00

Self-Wash FAQs

No. However, if you brush them prior to washing them it will be easier for you to get them clean down to the skin. We also offer a high velocity dryer that will help blow out a lot of the extra loose hair.