Grooming Services

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Grooming Services

Routine grooming is extremely important for maintaining a healthy pet, but there’s more to grooming your dog than just giving them a bath or a quick trim. Grooming is a multi-faceted process that requires skill and specific breed knowledge. Not all breeds have the same grooming needs and every dog’s skin, coat, teeth, paws, nails, glands, and ears are a little different. Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners don’t have the time or know-how to properly groom their furry friends.

Here at All Access Doggy Daycare, our experienced award-winning staff have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to get your pup both looking and feeling good! We offer services for dogs of all shapes and sizes and specializing in high-quality scissor and finish work. We provide a luxury all-natural spa-like grooming experience tailored specifically to the needs of your fuzzy family member!

*Grooming Hours Are By Appointment Only*

Grooming Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

Please show up 10-15 minutes prior to appointment for sign-in. To prevent possessiveness, we request that you not bring any personal items such as toys, snacks, beds, or blankets (additional items can be purchased onsite). Typical grooming sessions vary depending on breed requirements. You will be contacted once your dog is ready for pickup!

Cancellation Policy

Owner must provide a minimum 24-hours notice prior to cancellation. Notification provided within less than 24 hours may result in a cancellation fee. Rescheduling options are available, but may vary depending on staff and waiting list availability.

Grooming & Bath Pricing

Pricing begins at $60.00 for Full-Service Grooming and $45.00 for Full-Service Bath
Prices vary depending on breed, frequency of grooming, and coat condition.

*Additional charges may apply for excessive matting*

Please Call For An Accurate Quote!

Full-Service Grooming

Full- Grooms
 starting at $60.00
Medium starting at $75.00
Large starting at $95.00

Doodle and Extra Large Grooms

Full-Service Mini to Medium Doodle Starting at $95

Full-Service Standard Size Doodle Starting at $125

Full-Service XL Doodles Starting at $150


Full-Service Bath

Small starting at $45.00
starting at $55.00
Large starting at $75.00

Express Services By Appointment Only

Small starting at $45.00
starting at $55.00
Large starting at $75.00

Addon to Any Package
Small starting at $10.00
Medium starting at $20.00
Large starting at $20.00
*Includes 15-20 minute Brush-Out*

Add On Services

Grooming FAQs

Yes. We try to make our visits short, so they won’t be spending a large amount of time in a kennel. However, they will be used.