Do you offer grooming for aggressive dogs?

Due to safety reasons, we do not groom dogs that demonstrate aggressions towards humans. However, if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, we can make accommodations.

Do you offer flea or tick treatments?

We do offer all-natural flea shampoos; however, we do not offer topical or oral treatments other than Capstar if we find fleas while grooming your pet.

Is it safe to blow-dry dogs?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s better for your dog’s skin. Moisture sitting on skin has potential to create skin issues for your furry friend. Blow-drying your dog’s skin allows us [...]

What is considered “excessive” matting?

Anything that does not safely brush out in minimal time qualifies as excessive matting. Your dog’s skin is very sensitive and excessive matting can cause mild discomfort.

Are vaccinations required for grooming?

Yes, for the safety of other dogs, core vaccines of parvo/distemper and flu vaccines are required prior to grooming. Kennel cough/bordetella vaccinations are recommended but not required.

Why should I have my dog professionally groomed?

Expertise and thoroughness. Our groomers have significant training and expertise regarding breed specific grooming needs most dog owners do not. Furthermore, we thoroughly look over every inch of your [...]

How long does grooming take?

Depending on the breed, coat condition and the specific haircut requested, some may only take about a hour while others maybe 3 hours.

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