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Dogs are highly social creatures that love being around their people. However, it’s not always possible to be with our furry friends every hour of the day no matter how much we’d love to. While some do well when left on their own, many pets, especially puppies, can become depressed or develop pent up energy when left alone. This can have disastrous results, resulting in a lot of stress for both pets and pet parents.

This is why daycare is a great option!


Daycare provides a positive and secure environment for your dog to run and play while you are busy! Aside from providing plenty of opportunities for your pup to burn off excess energy, daycare also provides a safe environment for regular socialization with other dogs.

At All Access Doggy Daycare, we feel strongly that the care and love of our clients comes first. We believe a daycare environment should be both fun and enriching for our clients. We provide an environment that keeps your pup healthy, happy, and active!


Our pets deserve the very best. This is why our facility has been designed to provide the safest and most stimulating environment for your dog. While in our care, your pup will get to run and play to their heart’s content while also making some new friends in the process! Not only will they get the exercise they need, but they will also learn valuable social skills. This will significantly improve their temperament and prevent destructive behavior, making them a more balanced and happier companion for your home!

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Daycare Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

At sign-in, please provide all vaccination paperwork. If your dog has any specific dietary needs, please disclose prior to sign-in and we will do our best to accommodate. To prevent possessiveness, we request that you not bring any personal items such as toys, snacks, beds, or blankets (additional items can be purchased onsite).

Daycare Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

Owner must provide a minimum 24-hour notice prior to cancellation. Notification provided within less than 24 hours may result in a cancellation fee. Rescheduling options are available, but may vary depending on staff and waiting list availability.

Requirements for Daycare Eligibility

All dogs must be current on vaccinations.
Male dogs are required to be neutered by 6 months, no later than 8 months.
Females dogs are required to be spayed after their first cycle.
Dogs temperament must meet facility standards during initial interview/trial day.

Please Fill Out the Application Below to Apply For Daycare!

Daycare Facility & Safety Measures

All prospective dogs participate in a complimentary “Meet & Greet” (interview/trial day) prior to enrollment to see how their temperament may fit into our facility. This is both for their safety and the safety of the employees working with your pet. Click here to see our full Daycare Guidelines.

As a safety precaution, all dogs are separated by size, play style and activity level. There are also multiple double-gated areas around all exit and access points to keep your pet safe.

Our facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art flooring designed to reduce stress on joints, making for maximum comfort. It also has been outfitted with the REME HALO, an advanced air filtration system that maintains a constant high air quality and mitigates the prevalence of communicable airborne viruses!

Our outdoor area features plenty of drainage and is landscaped with pet-friendly artificial grass that is gentle on paws, making it easily sanitized. Depending on the weather, pups will be allowed several visits to our outdoor area for potty breaks.

Dogs are under constant surveillance from both cameras and our on-site staff. All of our Canine Watchers have training in canine behavior, body language and basic dog care. 

If you find yourself wanting to check in on your pup during the day, fret not! Using your phone or computer, you can check up on your canine comrade any time during the day via our playroom webcams!

We offer morning, afternoon, and evening feedings. Diets are prepared according to owner’s specifications. Owners are responsible to supply enough food and medication for their pet’s entire stay. If your pet has specific dietary and medical needs, let us know in advanced and we will accommodate!

Daycare FAQs

Your dog’s health and safety are our number one concern. Thankfully, we are located 2 doors down from a veterinary hospital. If the need arises, we will seek immediate medical attention for your dog and call you as soon as your pet is in their capable hands.