Overnight Boarding

Stay Overnight, Play All Day Long!

Overnight Boarding

There is always someone on-site with your pup making sure they are comfortable and happy during any overnight stays. During the day, the dogs play and are actively engaged with them during normal daycare hours. In the evenings, we take the dogs to cozy portable kennels for bedtime. In the morning they have breakfast and get to go back to playing in the daycare!


From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, we have kennels of all sizes and types to make sure that your pup is comfy for the night. If you would like, you can even leave a blanket or chew toy from home!


We ask that you supply your own dog food. If your pup is on a specific feeding schedule, we will make sure to feed them according to your instructions. If necessary, we can supply the food at an extra cost.


If your pup is taking medicine or vitamins, please provide the necessary dosage for the number of days your pup will be staying with us. Also provide instructions for we will gladly be sure your pup gets what he/she needs at no additional cost.

Requirements for Overnight Boarding

Rules for overnight boarding are the same as they are for our daycare. Before being allowed to stay overnight, your pup must pass our meet-and-greet. A meet-and-greet is a two-hour stay at our daycare where we slowly introduce your pup to our staff and their new friends to make sure they are a good fit for our daycare activities. This is completely free and once passed your pup is eligible for all services we offer!

Overnight Boarding Pricing

Our overnight boarding is $60.00 per night for one dog and an additional $50.00 for a second dog or more.

We also occasionally run specials, so please ask our staff for details.

Please Fill Out the Application Below to Apply For Boarding!